Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rescuing Kitty: A Guest Post by Rumpy Drummond

Despite having been ambushed on several occasions by a ferocious tomcat as a puppy, Brunella has decided to make an exception to her rule of her blog being a cat-free domain. This is so Rumpy(dog) Drummond can tell the moving story of sweet little Kitty.      


Animal rescue can enrich your life in so many ways that you never imagined!
 Last fall, a little kitty came into our yard and begged Jen for help.

What a sad sight!

He was skin and bones, with lots of fur missing.  We were not convinced he would live.
But he did.

This little guy was determined to live!

And now he has graduated to art work!  Here is one of his first creations.

Now THAT is a work of art!

Malachi, keep this up and one day you're gonna be famous!

Talk to the paw dude!  

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